Geography Test series programme : Geography Test Series (Main Optional)  Admission Open. Test Details - 3(Three) Hrs. Test on UPSC Examination pattern, Immediate feed back , 1 Hours Discussion on test , Test series can be opted without regular class enrolment. Test Series is available @ 9500/- (Our old Student’s 8500/-) Study Material ( Last 41 Year Solved) Map Paper and Model Answer,Evaluated answer script is given back in the subsequent test.Details of syllabus for Test Series Geography Test - 1 Geomorphology - Process - endogenic and exogenic, Isostacy, slope development, erosional cycles, approaches to land form study, application of geomorphology, geomagnetism Test - 2 Geomorphology + Climatology - element of weather & climate, precipitation pattern, role and response of man to climate change, important weather mechanism, climate regions of world, geomorphic agentsTest - 3 Geomorphology + climatology & Oceanography - Lithosphere, Hydrosphere, Atmospheric components and their inter links, ocean movements ,Physical Prosperities of water, Hypsometric curve, Tidal Mechanism, Sea level changes.Test - 4 Complete Physical - All aspects of physical environment, with their interrelation, Biomes, biodiversity, climate change and related issuesTest - 5 Population Settlements Thought - Deomographic attributes, locational characteristics of human settlement, Population and food security. Human development and related issues, paradigms in Geography-both ideological and methodology.Test - 6 Economic Geography - Resource distribution, economic development ( Agriculture / Industrial), Regional planning and development Regional imbalances, strategies, Growth pole concept, its implications, all models and theories of human geography and its applicationTest - 7 Physical Setting & Resources - Entire range of Physical attributes of India, relief ,Climate, drainage, biogeographic provinces, biodiversity related issues, climate change causes and mitigation, resource base - exploration, distribution and environmental concerns relating to it.Test - 8 Demographic Settlement - Demographic attributes, socio-cultural aspect, gender related issues, demographic planning, demographic revolution, food security, settlement orders, rural-urban settlement challenges and planningTest - 9 Agriculture industries trade - Economic aspects of India, agriculture development, planning, prospects and problem, Nature of industrial growth ,CPSEs, MSMES and their role in inclusive development transport, Communication links development, sustainable developmentTest - 10 Regional Political - Decentralized planning, backwards area planning, rural development, Role of PRIs, Geopolitical aspects in Global regional and international perspective.Test -11 & 12 Comprehensive | more Geography Optional : Online Admission Open. Limited seats. Only morning batch (9.30 - 12.30). Batch Begins 8th September | more Geography (Main) Result :            All IndiaThe highlight of civil services 2011 result of our centre is 423/600 (44 Rank Holder) marks in geography. The highest ever in geography, this has surpassed our previous record of 411/600 5th, & 7th, & 21st, Ranks (2013) 6th Rank (2012) 5th Rank (2011) 4th Rank (2010) 5th Rank 2009 13th Rank 2008 (Last 8 years Top Rank in Geography) | Postal Coaching :  New Revised Postal Material Available Geography Main 5000/- Revised 2014 Batch Material Include 8 Model Test paper + 5 Booklets, Class hand written Notes  , Map Locations & Question Paper Analysis. DD in Favour of  "DIRECTION Institute For IAS Examination" payable at Delhi. Send the Demand Draft by registered post/courier to: Direction - Institute for IAS ExaminationHari Bhawan, 14A/103 WEA, Karol Bagh , New Delhi - 110005Ph: 011 - 25719872 , 25719862 , 25752444 Mobile: 9810382305 | Email:
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