With the requirement of fundamentals of Ecology and biome, the topic is to be prepared on contemporary basis. This newly added part of Paper I in Prelims can be well prepared with support of Magazines like TERRA GREEN and DOWN TO EARTH.

The nature of both the contemporary heads i.e. BIODIVERSITY and CLIMATE CHANGE is similar. The approaches like TEEB (The Economies of Ecology and Biodiversity) and REDD (Reduction of Emission from deforestation and forest degradation) reveals that interlinks.

The preparation should focus on CoPs, both for climate and biodiversity along with IUCN, UNEP, UNESCO (MAB) in global perspective. For India, complete coverage of the state of Indian Forest and Environment is a Must along with the Network of Protected Area, Flagship programmes and the strategies incorporated by MoEF to induce sustainable development.

Geography Test series programme

Geography Test Series (Main Optional)  Admission Open.

Test Details - 3(Three) Hrs. Test on UPSC Examination pattern, Immediate feed back , 1 Hours Discussion on test , Test series can be opted without regular class enrolment. Test Series is available @ 9500/- (Our old Student’s 8500/-) Study Material ( Last 41 Year Solved) Map Paper and Model Answer,Evaluated answer script is given back in the subsequent test.

Details of syllabus for Test Series Geography Test - 1 Geomorphology - Process - endogenic and exogenic, Isostacy, slope development, erosional cycles, approaches to land form study, application of geomorphology, geomagnetism

Test - 2 Geomorphology + Climatology - element of weather & climate, precipitation pattern, role and response of man to climate change, important weather mechanism, climate regions of world, geomorphic agents

Test - 3 Geomorphology + climatology & Oceanography - Lithosphere, Hydrosphere, Atmospheric components and their inter links, ocean movements ,Physical Prosperities of water, Hypsometric curve, Tidal Mechanism, Sea level changes.

Test - 4 Complete Physical - All aspects of physical environment, with their interrelation, Biomes, biodiversity, climate change and related issues

Test - 5 Population Settlements Thought - Deomographic attributes, locational characteristics of human settlement, Population and food security. Human development and related issues, paradigms in Geography-both ideological and methodology.

Test - 6 Economic Geography - Resource distribution, economic development ( Agriculture / Industrial), Regional planning and development Regional imbalances, strategies, Growth pole concept, its implications, all models and theories of human geography and its application

Test - 7 Physical Setting & Resources - Entire range of Physical attributes of India, relief ,Climate, drainage, biogeographic provinces, biodiversity related issues, climate change causes and mitigation, resource base - exploration, distribution and environmental concerns relating to it.

Test - 8 Demographic Settlement - Demographic attributes, socio-cultural aspect, gender related issues, demographic planning, demographic revolution, food security, settlement orders, rural-urban settlement challenges and planning

Test - 9 Agriculture industries trade - Economic aspects of India, agriculture development, planning, prospects and problem, Nature of industrial growth ,CPSEs, MSMES and their role in inclusive development transport, Communication links development, sustainable development

Test - 10 Regional Political - Decentralized planning, backwards area planning, rural development, Role of PRIs, Geopolitical aspects in Global regional and international perspective.

Test -11 & 12 Comprehensive

Geography Optional

Online Admission Open. Limited seats. Only morning batch (9.30 - 12.30). Batch Begins 8th September

Geography (Main) Result

           All India

The highlight of civil services 2011 result of our centre is 423/600 (44 Rank Holder) marks in geography. The highest ever in geography, this has surpassed our previous record of 411/600

 5th, & 7th, & 21st, Ranks (2013)

6th Rank (2012) 5th Rank (2011) 4th Rank (2010) 5th Rank 2009 13th Rank 2008 

(Last 8 years Top Rank in Geography)

Postal Coaching


New Revised Postal Material Available Geography Main 5000/- 

Revised 2014 Batch Material Include 8 Model Test paper + 5 Booklets, Class hand written Notes  , Map Locations & Question Paper Analysis. DD in Favour of  "DIRECTION Institute For IAS Examination" payable at Delhi.

Send the Demand Draft by registered post/courier to:

Direction - Institute for IAS Examination
Hari Bhawan,
14A/103 WEA, Karol Bagh , New Delhi - 110005
Ph: 011 - 25719872 , 25719862 , 25752444
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Geography, the most popular and multidisciplinary optional, is a pratical subject. Taking the understanding of this subject in classroom makes the preparations foolproof.

The class curriculum is oriented to enhance not just the understanding the subject but also the interdependent and interrelated nature of the discipline. It helps aspirants to overlap the GS preparations with the subject as well.

The institute in its commitment of extending support to the aspirants has initiated correspondence guidelines. This scheme has been launched for the aspirants who reside outside Delhi and due to any of the hindrances, are not able to enroll for the regular classes.

In the programme therefore class notes are also included. It definetly do not make up entirely for the class but provides the right direction to utilize the material for self preparations. The ready reference source as model answers, map books etc. largely compensate the requirement.